Head of the Trent
Parking for the Head
Nottingham City Regatta

Entries have CLOSED on OARA. 

Entry Fees 2009   Eights £80  Fours/Quads £40

e mail address trenthead2009@nottinghamcityregatta.org.uk  

Circulation rules see Safety section

1) The Regatta is open to all Club and Composite crews and is held under ARA rules and inaccordance with 'Row Safe'.

2) Events, and entry fees are listed herein and are available on OARA.

3) Competitors must provide their own boats and oars. Coxes requiring deadweight must
bring their own clearly identifiable weights. Novice crews may race in either fine or
restricted boats.

4) Draw to take place on Saturday 7th February 2009, 10 am at NRC, and will be published (latest)by Monday 9th February 2009 on www.nottinghamcityregatta.org.uk.

5) The committee reserve the right to alter the list of entries to correct a mistake of the
Regatta or should it be in the best interests of the racing. The committee reserves the right
to withdraw any event unless there are four entries with three to race.

6) Entrants should indicate an alternative event in which they wish to
compete if there are insufficient entries in the Junior event.

Nottingham City Regatta is on Saturday 25th April 2009.

Held under A.R.A. Rules of Racing. Two one-day, six lane regattas, with racing over 2000m on Saturday and 1000m on Sunday, to be held at the National Water Sports Centre on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April 2007.

7) All boats must be fitted with slots for numbers on the bows.

8) Lightweight men and women will be weighed not more than two hours nor less than one
hour before the published time of the first race in the event. Rule 4.1.5 (average weight of
lightweight crew) will not be applied.

9) All Saturday events will be rowed over 2000m from stakeboat starts, with all Sunday events over 1000m with stakeboat starts. Warming down must be restricted to 500m and must not interfere with racing on the course. See circulation pattern under ‘Safety’ on the Regatta’s website.

10) Competitors must be at the start 5 minutes before the time of the race. Competitors
will not be called for their races and the Starter will start all races without reference to

11) There will be presentation prizes for all events.

12) All competitors must produce an ARA racing licence on demand.

13) Clubs are reminded that it is their responsibility to insure equipment.